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  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    Spectra – Breast Pump Bag 112.50 ر.س

    Insulated cooler bag designed to transport the breast pump and all its accessories

    And protect and keep the milk cold using the cooler bag included with the bag

  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    Spectra – Cooler kit 135.00 ر.س

    Bag with two milk storage bottle and a cooler bag

    Cooler bag for transporting food or milk from one place to another and ideal for travel, light, small with medium interior space

    Features an inner lining, insulating milk transport and cold storage
    For up to 24 hours, depending on the temperature
    Milk protection from external factors

  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    Spectra – Gray shoulder Bag 127.50 ر.س

    Spectra multi-use bag, with external pockets and internal divisions to organize your child’s needs, and find them easily

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