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  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    Spectra – Dual Compact Premium Electric Breast Pump [Hospital Issuance] 1,020.00 ر.س

    Unique and modern technology
    The new Spectra electric pump, the first pump with two motors to give you control of separate settings for each side

    Easy to use, quiet engine sound
    Lightweight and built-in rechargeable battery for easy portability
    Hygienic closed system
    Illuminated touch control panel makes it easy to see the screen in the dark
    Modern design in elegant colors of white and gold

    More effective milk withdrawal sessions, tailored to your needs

  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    Spectra – Dual S Premium Electric Breast Pump [Hospital Issuance] 1,232.50 ر.س

    Hospital Issuance
    Unique and modern technology
    Spectra’s new electric pump, the first with two motors Gives you control over individual settings for each breast
    Strong in multiple levels, comfortable and fit every mother’s need

    Easy, fast and quiet sound
    Hygienic closed system
    Direct LED lighting for use in a dark room or as a bedside lamp
    illuminated control panel
    Modern design in white and gold colors

    More efficient, comfortable, customized milk expressing sessions in less time with
    separate settings for each breast

  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    Spectra 9 Plus Electric Breast Pump 620.50 ر.س

    Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

    Small size, light weight, easy to carry everywhere
    High performance, fast with single or double pumping feature,
    quiet sound
    Massage function with 10 levels of pumping
    Built-in rechargeable battery 2 hours ​
    Safe and hygienic with a closed system that prevents milk from leaking into the pump
    Safe and Hygienic for you and baby

  • Spectra Handy Plus 95.00 ر.س

    Spectra Handy Plus Breast Pump is an easy to use, lightweight, dependable manual pump. Its powerful suction help you express more breast milk in less time and its ergonomic design lessens hand and wrist fatigue.

  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    Spectra Q Electric Breast Pump 340.00 ر.س

    Portable Electronic Milk Pump
    Lighter breast pump while maintaining quality performance
    Quiet sound, safe, easy to clean and use
    Can be used with a portable battery
    At home or outside the house, easy to move with him

  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump 977.50 ر.س

    Hospital Issuance
    The favorite electronic breast pump of mothers around the world

    Practical design, built-in rechargeable battery, use up to 3 hours
    Light weight with a hand holder that does not hinder your movement
    It has a quiet sound and night light
    Safe and hygienic with a closed system that prevents milk from leaking into the pump

    Safe and Hygienic for you and your baby

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