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  • Spectra – Nipple brush SET 25.00 ر.س

    A brush for cleaning nipples and all breastfeeding accessories, 25 cm long, to reach all parts

    Soft and dense, it prevents scratching the nipple during washing

  • Spectra – Bottle Brush SET 30.00 ر.س

    A dense sponge brush to clean your baby’s bottles and all its accessories, with a comfortable handle for easy cleaning

    25 cm long to reach all parts of the bottle

  • Spectra – Straw brush 15.00 ر.س

    Straw brush cleaning 25cm long for cleaning hard to reach areas

    Small soft straw prevents scratching the drinking straw during washing

    It is also ergonomically designed to allow for easy grip


  • Spectra – Multi Bottle Warmer 350.00 ر.س

    Keep your baby healthy with this multifunctional warmer from Spectra

    Mothers have too much concerns to use the microwave,
    but it is also hard to boil water and get the right temperature every time
    Now, you can heat breast milk, powdered milk, and baby food
    quickly, conveniently, and safely.
    spectra Multi Bottle Warmer
    Warmer function

    Milk and food warmer – steam cooking – sterilizer
    Fast, safe and easy to use
    Warming two bottles at once
    Keeps the temperature below 40°C so that the milk does not lose nutrients

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  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    Spectra – UV-LED sterilizer Original price was: 1,400.00 ر.س.Current price is: 980.00 ر.س.

    UV LED sterilizer
    Keeps your baby’s bottles, accessories and toys free from bacteria
    Effective sterilization and disinfection of up to 99.999% of germs without any gaps

    It dries completely, thanks to the triple fan
    sleek, space-saving design, you can sterilize regular and wide bottles in one easy step.

  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    Spectra baby bottle UV Sterilizer Original price was: 1,400.00 ر.س.Current price is: 980.00 ر.س.

    Forget traditional sterilization methods with ultraviolet sterilization in a modern design The best sanitizing methods to keep your baby healthy, disinfect and get rid of up to 99.99% of germs Without the use of chemicals Maintains sterilization with up to 10 hours of storage. Available in two colors: white – dark gray

  • Spectra – Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags 40.00 ر.س

    Bags for quick sterilization of your baby’s essentials with steam easily and anywhere

    Perfect for outdoors, on the go and travel, quick and easy to use

  • Spectra – UV Lamp 50.00 ر.س

    The light is specially designed to replace the ultraviolet lights of the bottle sterilizer

    • Compatible with Spectra UV . baby bottle sterilizer
    • Made in italy
    • Please replace the lamp every 6 to 12 months, depending on usage
    • 1 piece
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