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  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    Spectra – Silicone massager 36.00 ر.س

    The silicone massage funnel is used inside the funnel of Spectra devices for expressing milk

    It acts as a breast pad, which makes the suction session more comfortable.
    Designed with ultra-soft, flexible silicone material.
    It helps to massage the breast tissue.
    BPA Free

    What’s in the box ?
    1x Silicone massager

  • Spectra – sitz bath 35.00 ر.س

    A basin that is easily installed over the toilet and is immersed in warm water of the right temperature

    To care and cleanse the sensitive area for a period after birth

  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    Spectra Nipple Protector 60.00 ر.س

    Spectra Nipple Protector (2 Pieces) Made of thin, soft silicone Neutral in taste, and BPA free Comfortable for the baby because of its nipple shape. Good for sore nipple, flat or inverted nipple With carrying case

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  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    TNTN MOM’S Blue Belly Patch 128.80 ر.س شامل الضريبه

    More convenient way for stretch mark care, Perfect for moms
    contain Patented “Blue Complex” 6 types of blue-colored natural ingredients.
    Intensive Care for Belly

  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    TNTN MOM’S Cabbage Breast Cream.Cooling Ball 87.40 ر.س شامل الضريبه

    Cooling cream that lowers the heat generated by breast congestion

    Enjoy Long- Cool Massage With Cabbage Cooling Ball

    that Melts Easily with Body Temperature

  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    TNTN_MOM'S_Cabbage_Breast Patch
    TNTN MOM’S Cabbage Breast Patch 78.20 ر.س شامل الضريبه

    A cabbage sheet mask lowers the heat generated by breast congestion

    Containing 100,000PPM real cabbage extract

  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    TNTN_MOM'S_Nipple_Butter_Balm _5
    TNTN MOM’S Nipple Butter Balm 41.40 ر.س شامل الضريبه

    Damaged and dried Nipple care during the breastfeeding period and when Mom-to-be prepares for breastfeeding

    Safe & Natural Nipple Care for Mom & Baby

    Lanoline-Free. Paraben-Free, Artificial Fragrance-Free
    Petroleum Free, Water Free
    Vegan product

  • مجموعة مميزهLimited
    TNTN MOM’S Volufiline Breast Cream 87.40 ر.س شامل الضريبه

    Strengthen the skin’s elasticity, especially the area of the breast and body after childbirth.
    a smooth and refreshing cream texture with no-stickiness

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