TNTN MOM’S Cabbage Breast Patch

97.75 ر.س شامل الضريبه

A cabbage sheet mask lowers the heat generated by breast congestion

Containing 100,000PPM real cabbage extract

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. Contains 100,000 PPM cabbage extract

. 28g of abundant cooling essence, it’s perfect for not only cooling but also massaging purposes.

.LOHAS-certified cotton sheet

-Enables breastfeeding trouble care through the calming and cooling effect of cabbage.

-Natural, all ingredients rated EWG GREEN, Only the safe ingredients for you.

Cabbage Leaves Water, Eucalyptus oil, Eucalyptus oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Parsley Oil, Chamomile Flower Extract, Asiatic Pennywort, Manila Elemi Gum oil, Skullcap Extract.

-Caring deeply about the health of mothers and babies, we used only the safe EWG GREEN rated ingredients. Also included are botanical extracts to care for the mother’s skin


Breast Care Massage TIP:

1- Massage the breast in a circular motion from the outside to the inside using palms.

2- Massage upwards from the lump to the nipples, and loosen the lump using fingers in a circular motion.

3- Take the sides of the breast using both of the palms. Press gently and massage up and down, and to the sides towards the nipples.

4- Gently press the nipples using your thumb and forefinger, and soften the areolar area.


How to use:

1- 30 min. in a refrigerator

Store the Cabbage Breast Patch in the refrigerator to make adequate temperature for cold massage.

2- Take out the breast patch from the pouch.

3- Place the patch on breasts that have been heated by fitting the middle hole in the nipples area.

4- Rest for about 10~20 minutes with an anti-mastitis massage.



– Cabbage Breast Patch is a type of cosmetic made for breast massage and cooling purposes.

Although all of its ingredients are safe with EWG Green Grade, cosmetics are not intended for edible purposes. Therefore, it’s recommended to breastfeed after wiping the nipples using a clean cloth, tissue, or water.

– It can be effective when used on other areas that require cooling or soothing. However, avoid use in sensitive areas.


Weight: 28g/8ea

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